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Driving on a suspended license occurs when your privilege to drive in Virginia has been suspended or revoked, notice was given of such suspension, and you were observed driving in violation of such notice. A conviction of this offense constitutes a class one misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of twelve months jail and a fine of twenty-five hundred dollars. A conviction of driving on a suspended license three or more times within a ten year period will result in a mandatory minimum period of confinement of ten days in jail.

Simply because you have been stopped while driving and charged with driving on a suspended license does not mean that you are necessarily guilty of the offense; nor does it mean that you should appear in court without experienced counsel. The attorneys at The Simms Firm, PLC have experience in successfully resolving driving on suspended license accusations. The firm understands that the Commonwealth must provide you with sufficient notice that your privilege to drive has been suspended. Notice must have been properly sent to the address of record. In many cases, the Commonwealth will fall short in their requirement to meet this burden. Furthermore, even if you were notified of such suspension, it is vitally important to have an attorney that can work to satisfactorily resolve your case. The Attorneys at The Simms Firm, PLC know the effect that a criminal conviction can have on our clients livelihood, and work aggressively to exert every possible defense available.