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White collar crimes is defined by the U.S. Department of Justice as, “ a non violent crime committed for financial gain committed by means of deception by persons whose occupational status is entrepreneurial, professional, or semi-professional; and using their special occupational skills and special opportunities”. Considering this definition, it is easy to see how the term “white collar crime” can include various different criminal charges. The most commonly charged white collar crimes are wire fraud (including mortgage fraud), bribery, bank fraud, and health care fraud.

White collar criminal defense requires a thorough and complete review of every single detail that encompasses the Government’s evidence. In most cases, white collar criminal charges are based on allegations that the accused intentionally falsified certain documents for financial gain. The Government will routinely attempt to overwhelm defense counsel with pages upon pages of documents that the Government claims proves that the accused committed the offense. Documents can include bank documents, loan documents, real estate documents, stock accounts, etc. A solid and well rounded defense begins with a close and detailed analysis of every single page of evidence. There are several defenses to charges of committing any white collar crime, and it is important that you retain an attorney who will aggressively examine the evidence against you.

Attorney Simms with The Simms Firm, PLC has extensive experience in defending clients charged with white collar crimes by federal agencies. Attorney Simms is known for his attention to even the smallest detail and has been successful in getting unsupported charges dismissed. Attorney Simms has a complete understanding of the defenses to each white collar crime and aggressively pursues the best possible outcome for his clients. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Simms is perfectly suited to identify the weak spots in the Government’s case and exploit the “gaps” in the evidence to the benefit of his clients. The attorneys at The Simms Firm, PLC provide a superior defense to clients charged with white collar crimes.