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Limited Liability Company

For a small business owner, the forming, operating, wrapping up, and, sometimes, litigation related to a limited liability company (an LLC) can be daunting tasks. Many small business owners wait until it is too late to seek the assistance of a business law attorney, however, a lawyer can provide value to your business at any stage you may find yourself in.

Forming an LLC

The simple documentation filed with the state is a very small part of what it means to form an LLC. LLCs are exceptionally dynamic entities, which is why they are so widely used. The operating agreement of the forming members can include several provisions to customize your LLC to your business’s needs. The value that we can provide your LLC in the formation stage is advice and counsel about customizing, typical contractual provisions, and helping you figure out how to handle many circumstances that are typically unforeseen at the business formation stage.

Operating an LLC

The operating of a going concern is a stressful and complex matter. The operation of a business is something that business owners should focus on and let an attorney handle the legal details regarding the various legal relations that arise during the life of a business.