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Breach of Contract

A breach of contract dispute can arise in almost any aspect of one’s personal or professional life, including business contracts, commercial contracts and leases, employment contracts and non-competition agreements, real estate deals, insurance contracts, lease agreements, warranties, operating agreements, sales, construction contracts, and service agreements.

While the terms of a written agreement usually govern each party’s obligations and expectations, certain terms can be unenforceable, unlawful or ambiguous. Oral agreements can be enforced in many circumstances, however, they require more diligence and experience to properly navigate the legal system. Whether the agreement pertains to a business or partnership, a lease or real property purchase, or for a personal loan between acquaintances, these agreements require experience and knowledge to bring a successful resolution to your particular case.

Whether you are seeking clarification of your rights and responsibilities, to enforce an agreement or defend a breach of contract claim, the experienced attorneys at The Simms Firm PLC can offer vigorous representation suited to your individual needs.