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Contract Drafting

Contract drafting is the preliminary stage of determining exactly what the agreement between the parties to a contract will be. It is a rigorous process of determining what the parties intend for the agreement, who will bear certain costs or risks, and what the rights and duties of each party will be. The experience of litigating what can go wrong in breach of contract cases gives particular insight into what needs to go into the contract drafting process.

The main considerations of any given contract typically are the nature of the contract, whether it is for a sale or service, what are the expectations of the parties, and what conditions must be met for satisfaction or breach of the contract. There are many precise provisions of each contract that must be negotiated and molded into the final form. The attorneys at the Simms Firm have experience in drafting, negotiating, and litigating contracts and can advise you on a wide variety of concerns regarding contracts.