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Commonly known by the acronym PWID, the charge of possession with intent to deliver is a charge raised by law enforcement officers who recover narcotics that they claim are intended to be sold by the individual possessing them. PWID cases are built primarily on circumstantial evidence. In most cases law enforcement officials will not have direct evidence of a sell or distribution. Criminal charges based on circumstantial evidence are weaker than those with direct evidence. As experienced defense attorneys and former prosecutors, the attorneys at The Simms Firm, PLC will provide an aggressive defense and reveal the lack of evidence in an attempt to have the charges promptly dismissed.

Many PWID cases are initiated by traffic stops, pedestrian stops, or search warrants served on a home. Our attorneys can file a motion to suppress and challenge the basis for the stop and search of your car or person. Furthermore, our attorneys will be prepared to file a motion to challenge the search warrant that was issued by the magistrate. There are several legal requirements that must be met before a search warrant is issued by a magistrate. Shockingly, there are many warrants that are signed, issued, and served without meeting these legal requirements. If there is a problem with the search warrant used in your case, the attorneys at The Simms Firm, PLC will act aggressively to find any error and challenge the search warrant. If a motion to suppress is granted, then any and all items recovered on officer’s illegal conduct will be excluded from the case.