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Embezzlement charges involve the allegation that either an employee or another individual trusted with the possession of money or other items of value, takes possession of that item for their own benefit without permission from the owner of that property. Most Embezzlement cases involve workers in the retail sector who are alleged to have taken money or merchandise from the store without permission. However, embezzlement can also involve bank employees, or many other workplace and charitable sectors. Depending on the amount of loss, Embezzlement can either be a Felony or Misdemeanor.

Embezzlement charges are usually initiated after someone examines the records and/or files and discover that the “numbers” are not adding up. Unfortunately, they automatically assume wrong doing and look for individuals who could be held responsible. There are usually no witnesses or direct evidence that can support the charge of Embezzlement. The supporting evidence is usually in the form of business records.

Attorneys at The Simms Firm, PLC have extensive experience in handling cases involving Embezzlement charges. The attorneys will demand that the Government provide support and a basis for these charges. The attorneys will aggressively question all witnesses and scrutinize business records. The attorneys will ensure that you are not convicted on a mere speculation or suspicion based on faulty business records. The Government must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.