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In the federal court system, drug conspiracy charges are initiated in several different ways. In most cases, a federal agency (F.B.I, D.E.A, A.T.F) initiated the investigation after speaking with a confidential informant or “snitch” about drug activities. Informants or “snitches” are individuals who have been arrested and have chosen to cooperate with federal agents. The agents follow up on the information provided by the informant and investigate the individuals he/she has identified. The most frequently used investigation tactics are controlled buys, wire taps, undercover operations, and video surveillance.

In federal drug conspiracy cases, the investigation will eventually end in the arrest of several individuals whom the agents will accuse of being involved in a complex conspiracy to distribute large amounts of narcotics.

As a former prosecutor and experienced federal criminal defense attorney, Attorney Simms is familiar with every form of investigation leading to federal drug conspiracy charges. Attorney Simms has defended clients in some of the largest federal drug prosecutions in the Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. region. Attorney Simms has been successful at discrediting confidential informants resulting in an acquittal and also challenging the amount of drugs that clients were initially charged with.

There are several defenses that can be raised on behalf of an accused in a Federal Drug Conspiracy trial. In most cases, the confidential informants/ “snitches” that have provided information about the accused are untrustworthy individuals who would tell the agents anything to avoid a harsher punishment in their own cases. Many of the confidential informants/”snitches” have long criminal histories which usually include violent crimes. These are the type of facts that need to be pointed out to a jury during a trial.

Attorney Simms is also prepared to challenge any evidence recovered during a search warrant of a home or business. A motion to suppress the recovered evidence will challenge the constitutional validity of the agents’ search. There are several ways to prepare to defend a client against federal drug conspiracy charges, and Attorney Simms has the experience and knowledge to give clients the information they seek and the superior defense that they deserve.