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A conspiracy charge can be the most frustrating and complex legal principal for the ordinary citizen to understand. A conspiracy is a tactic that prosecutors and law enforcement officials will use to hold an individual responsible for actions that they did not take part in. Conspiracy charges arise when the Government is alleging that the accused entered into an agreement (formal or non-formal) to accomplish a particular criminal act.

While there can be allegations of agreements to commit several different criminal acts, the most common is allegations of an agreement to distribute narcotics. The Government commonly alleges that individuals have agreed to work together and assist in the distribution of narcotics. The Government commonly charges everyone from the alleged supply person down to the alleged street level dealer under the same conspiracy charge. This can have the effect of holding the accused accountable for large quantities of narcotics that they likely did not come into contact with. Without the proper defense, this can be devastating because of the existence of mandatory minimum sentence laws for
certain drugs.

The attorneys at The Simms Firm, PLC understand that there is usually little if any direct evidence of the existence of a conspiracy. Our attorneys are prepared to put the Government to its burden and demand proof of the existence of not only the criminal act, but also of an agreement between two or more of the accused. The Government usually only has circumstantial evidence which is weak and cannot be supported. As former prosecutors, the attorneys at The Simms Firm, PLC know exactly how to exploit the weaknesses in the Government’s case.