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Unsafe or Dangerous Premises

A homeowner, property possessor, such as a tenant, or a property owner has certain duties to make their property safe for guests, both business guests and social guests. If the property is not safe for some particular reason, the owner has the duty to warn their guests about that unsafe condition. When a property is not safe and that unsafe condition causes a person to be injured, the injured person may have a claim against the owner or occupier.

Often injuries due to unsafe conditions come in the form of a slip and fall because of water, ice, or some other condition on the property. Other conditions may be uneven walkways, obstructed holes, or lines laid in the grass. Whatever the condition, the law requires the same duty of the owner or possessor.

Not all persons who are injured by such conditions can recover, however, because the law holds everyone to the standard that he will be aware of his surroundings and will protect himself from open and obvious dangers. Also, a successful premises liability plaintiff must show, to some degree, that the owner had some form of notice that the danger existed, or should have reasonably discovered the danger.

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