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The Simms Firm has extensive experience in dealing with white collar matters. Litigating white collar matters require the ability to obtain, review, and analyze a large amount of documents, electronic files, and/or other forms of evidence. Due to the quantity of the documents usually involved, attention to detail is ideal.

The attorneys at the Simms Firm have litigated white collar cases in Federal and State Court. Managing Partner, Jonathan Simms has worked on several high profile white collar federal matters which routinely involve alleged loss amounts in excess of a million dollars. His past clients include a former director of NASDAQ, Vice President of a multi-million-dollar company, Vice President of a media website, a former Director of Homeland Security, and a former Senior Congressional Staffer. These clients and many more have entrusted the Simms Firm with their white collar matters due to our experience, attention to detail, and sound legal guidance.

The Simms Firm provides representation in the following white collar matters:

Wire Fraud
Mortgage Fraud
Mail Fraud
Visa/Naturalization Fraud
Health Care Fraud
Securities Fraud
Copyright Infringement
Cyber Crimes
Smuggling of Pharmaceutical Drugs
Importation Offenses
FDA Violations
Prescription Fraud
Money Laundering
Marriage Fraud

White collar charges are usually initiated following a federal investigation. It is not uncommon to see an investigation commence years prior to an indictment being filed. This is due to the large amount of documents and interviews that must be conducted in order to meet the standards of probable cause. The focus of the investigation is usually given notice through the delivery of a “target letter” issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Attorneys at the Simms Firm work with clients to proactively ascertain the conduct and/or allegations which have triggered the investigation. We take steps to secure our client’s rights and prevent any accidental incrimination. Providing sound legal advice and guidance is imperative during a federal investigation, because federal agents/agencies are looking to gather as much incriminating information as possible. This includes attempting to illicit statements from a client by arranging interviews.

In the past, attorneys with the Simms Firm have successfully persuaded the U.S. Attorney’s Office to terminate their investigation due to the lack of evidence or by proactively showing the client has not committed any violations of law. If you have been contacted by a federal agent or agency in respect to a pending federal investigation, the Simms Firm can assist you. Please contact us for further information.